Business Description

DAVRISGLASS specializes in glass constructions and interior design with the use of glass. It is designed to provide solutions to glass architecture and developing new ideas for the constructions and decoration with glass. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best services and our knowledge on glass so they will have the best will be located to the owned facilities of Mr. George Davris.

Ownership and management is a Limited Liability Corporation. Our purpose is as the business expands the firm may develop strategic alliances with other companies. Our vision is to go a step further and get involved with artistic projects with the use of glass, but from the other side we will continue our occupation with the purely construction field. We would like to occupy several of new employees for our projects. George Davris is an aspiring professional with great passion. He has a B.A in Public Administration. George Davris has working experience from several fields also in Greece also abroad.

Location and Facilities

Davrisglass will be located in the industrial warehouse of George Davris. The warehouse, located at N. Artaki. N. Artaki is an industrial area near Athens. The warehouse of the company is divided in 3 different parts. The office, that is equipped with a computer, fax machine and a photocopier. The second part is the area of the production line that repents the most of the space of the warehouse because in this area they are the machines for the glasswork. Cutting tables for the glass, soldering machines for double glazed glass, machines and tools for blown glass and more. The third area is the area of packaging. As we will work also with internet and our customers will be from all over the world we need to have a packaging line so our products will leave in safety and in good conditions for their destinations..

Glass repair Athens-Τζάμια κρύσταλλα Αθήνα κέντρο&Κηφισιάetairia[1]

Glass repair Athens-Τζάμια κρύσταλλα Αθήνα κέντρο&Κηφισιά883997_m

Catalogue of glass products

  • Glasses from 2mm to 19mm
  • Sandblasting glasses
  • Triplex and bulletproof glasses
  • Securit glasses from 3mm to 19mm
  • Fireproof glasses
  • Ceramic glasses
  • Tinted glasses
  • Cathedral glasses
  • Mirrors
  • Energy glasses
  • Glass shelters
  • Stairs from glass
  • Plexi glass

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