Energy Glass

Energy Glass

If we analyze the responsibilities of the components at the loss of the heating in an average home we can estimate that:

  • 20% of heat loss resulting from the roof
  • 25% of heat loss due to the walls
  • 20% of heat loss due to the floor
  • 35% of heat loss due to Windows

If we consider of these remarks we can easily say that the easiest ,cheapest , more ecologic and the most effective way of reducing the losses heat, and therefore saving money for cooling and heating, achieved with the fitting soft energy glass coating.

Energy Glass repair-Τζάμια κρύσταλλα Αθήνα κέντρο&Κηφισιά22718303_m

Energy Glass repair-Τζάμια κρύσταλλα Αθήνα κέντρο&Κηφισιά39255560_m

What is Energy Glass ?

Energy glass is a transparent glass, which has coating miniature metallic oxides on one side.This coating does not allow the heat to transfer from the inner area of the House In the external surroundings and reversely.

Energy Glass and hot climate

Energy Glass:

  • reflects the infra-red light to sun scorch(heating)
  • act like shield to indirect heat from the surrounding area
  • reduses cooling costs

The energy glass has the capacity to reflect the infrared sunshine (heat ) and to allow passage only in the visible light.When the sunlight strikes an object (time, loop, passing, pot, etc. ), This object heated and emit IN TURN indirect heat, which is trying to enter our area.The energy glass act like a shield at this heat and doesn’t allow to pass on our internal AREA . This helps us to maintain the house or the working area more cool the summer, as the heat from the environment, not passed in our internal area with the result to have reduced cost cooling .

Energy Glass:

  • maximizes the beneficial external energy to sun scorch
  • act like shield to heat trying to escape from the inner area
  • reduces the heating costs
  • The energy glass maximizes the beneficial external action of the sun. Energy from the light of the sun absorbed by the objects within the area, As sofas and carpets and essentially converted into heat.The energy glass act like shield at this heating and does not allow to escape from the windows. We do not have to forget that the heat there is in the inner area it moves to the cooler windows.The energy glass works like a mirror and reflects the heat which go to escape from our area , and keeps our area hot, and as a result that we reduce the heating cost..

The overall benefits of energy glass may be summarized as follows:

  • More efficient thermical insulation at the winter
  • Easier cooling at the summer
  • Reduction in the annual cost district heating and cooling to 35%
  • substantial contribution to environmental protection
  • REDUCTION TO 70% of incoming UV that damages carpets curtains,furniture etc.
  • Minimum cost difference from the double glass
  • Similar view with the simple glass

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